Tala Originals Mini Pink Flour Sifter

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Tala Originals Mini Pink Flour Sifter

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Tala Originals Mini Pink Flour Sifter


For featherlight cakes. Easy trigger movement.

The Tala Pink Flour Sifter ensures clumpy flour is turned into a light, even consistency.

Press the trigger handle repeatedly and the spokes work against the fine meshed base to agitate and aerate the flour.

There are also many other uses...

Sifting - The flour sifter is essential for recipes where a lighter, fluffier texture is required, such as cakes and souffles.
Straining - Use the sifter to segregate fine powder from larger chunks such as vanilla bean parts in a container of vanilla powdered sugar.

Mixing- The sifter is an effective way to mix dry baking ingredients thoroughly e.g. baking powder/soda, salt or cocoa.

Distributing - Ensures an even sprinkling of powdered sugar or cocoa on finished baked goods. It is more consistent and leaves the powder drier than sprinkling by hand.