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SHUN Classic Series

The SHUN Classic series combines centuries-old Japanese Samurai blacksmithing

with today's modern and sophisticated manufacturing processes. The result is a tremendously high-quality Damascus knife range, engineered right down

to the smallest detail and designed to always retain sharpness. The knives are therefore ideally suited for professional use. The SHUN Classic blades are beautiful to look at because of the characteristic, semi-matt pattern of the Damascus steel composite of 32 layers. Combined with the elegant, slim tapered handle in black Pakkawood, the result is an overall aesthetic design with quality and functionality at its core.

VG MAX steel with a hardness of 61 (± 1) HRC forms the core of the entire blade right up to the edge. Sheathed in 32 layers of Damascus steel, the knife has an

incomparable anatomy with a stable blade that, due to these two components, is both hard and flexible at the same time.

The SHUN Classic blades have a double-sided edge.

Basic Features


Material:                         Core VG-MAX, 32 layers, Damascus pattern


Hardness:                        61 HRC +/-1

Finish:                             Mirror finish + shot blast

Cutting edge:                 Convex-shaped



Bolster:                           Stainless Steel

Material:                         Black Pakkawood

End-cap:                        Stainless Steel

Shape:                            D-shape or Chestnut shape





With its traditional, asymmetric Japanese blade shape the SHUN Pro Sho series complements the SHUN chef´s knife collection.

The blades are made throughout from the damask series´ core material, the V-Gold-10 steel.

The top class series of Japanese chef’s knives is not only highly rated among Sushi chefs all over the world but also increasingly popular in European kitchens. The asymmetric blade with the one-sided hollow- ground on the opposing side delivers a unique cutting experience that cannot be matched by most European blades.


Basic Features:


Material:                    Solid VG-10

Hardness:                    61 HRC +/-1

Finish:                        Satin finish / Ornament

Cutting edge:              Chisel edge



Bolster:                       Stainless Steel

Material:                    Black Pakkawood

End –cap:                   Stainless Steel

Shape:        D-shape or Chestnut shape